Roleplaying Injuries.прочитайте сейчас, на днях переведу.

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Roleplaying Injuries.прочитайте сейчас, на днях переведу.

Сообщение  Dane Jibril в Ср Окт 24, 2012 2:44 pm

Tyrell Hines пишет:Take this guide as a little biology class. Even if you do roleplay correctly getting injured, you could still find usefull information right here to improve your roleplay or general knowledge even more, so take a read anyway.
In this guide I will present different situations that occur the most on a daily basis, in which your character gets harmed or injured, and how he is supposed and expected, as a regular human being, to react.

So let's start.

Gunshot Wounds
This one is basically the most complicated one.
A lot of people love to roleplay being saved after getting shot, usually surviving. Even if you were brutally wounded. And it is your right by all means. Yet let me explain right here why in real life most of the times people die when they get shot.

When a human gets shot, the bullet pierces his body at an increadible speed. Let alone that it is fast and sharp enough to go -into- your body, it can also come -out- of it on the other side! Just imagine what goes through in your body when that happens.
I am not even talking about when a bullet hits an organ. Really if you were hit in the torso area (upper body)? Whoah, if your heart was pierced you'd die, if your liver stopped working you'd die, if your kidneys stopped working you'd die, if your stomach had a hole in it, you would most probably die. And need I say what would happen if your lungs would get filled with blood? Yeah. You'd choke and die.
You might not die from all of this in the first few minutes, but if a person doesn't gets a QUICK help and the most basic operation, he, will, die.

But let's leave organs alone yeah? Let's talk about something called "blood loss". When your body's wounded and loses blood, your heart starts beating faster. Your blood flow gets faster. Why? To supply blood to the place that loses it. So basically the blood goes out, but the body sends in more blood to cover up for him, but it goes out aswell! Imagine the cycle for yourself.
Eventually after some time-.. Well the person doesn't die instantly, he just passes out. The reason is that when there's lack of blood, the body can't transfer enough oxygen to your brain (the blood is responsible for that), therefore you just lose it. If the person doesn't get any help later then it gets really bad.
Anyway sure, if you get cut by a glass or something with a small wound it wouldn't be so fatal. But a gunshot?

Oh and I was talking about getting shot by pistols. I've seen many people roleplay getting easily saved after they are brutally wounded by guys who jumped out of somewhere, or came through in a drive-by spraying an automatic rifle at them. AK-47, M-5, SMG, Uzi, etc.
Lol if you can just imagine the damage done by a single shot, could you imagine the damage done if your body was sprayed with like at least 3~4 bullets? Yeah, you'd most probably die aswell.

(Again, remember that I said most probably, hell knows what kind of legendary stories happened in real life. But they are really rare.)

I would also refer to the people who assume that getting shot in your hand, foot or thigh can't kill you: just look up and read the thing about the blood loss again. Yeah, it won't be as bad, but if enough time passes you might get really hurt.

Oh by the way, the reason people usually pass out instantly when they get shot is the shock caused to the nerve system. You just flip out of your consciousness because of the pain.

Melee Weapons
It really annoys me that people underestimate the damage melee weapons do. It's not for lolz if someone decides to use a baseball bat instead of his bare hand to hit you. People just stand up out of it like nothing happened. Get this straight now:

Baseball bat - A baseball bat is made out of 100% wood. It means that they basically took a tree, and cut it into a shape of a baseball bat, unlike most of the nowaday furniture which is not made this way.
Do you know how bad does something that is made out of pure wood hurts when it hits you? Lol I didn't untill I bought my drum sticks and decided to drum on my knees a little. Even the slightest slap with it hurts SO bad, no matter where, ESPECIALLY if it's your knees, elbows, shoulders, or any other breakable places.
Need I really explain how is somebody supposed to react when someone roleplays hitting him with a bat in his head? No it's not like a punch, and it's not a -Little- harder either. It's hard enough to kill you in one hit. You don't just stand up after 2 minutes roleplaying you're on the ground after getting hit with a baseball bat. Even if you were hit once, and I won't even talk about if you were freaking beaten up with a baseball bat. In real life you would struggle to walk for a few weeks! Or months!

Metal pipes, chains, hammers and any other kind of metal objects - Just imagine what I just explained about the bats but ten times harder. Metal. Getting thrown at your head (most probably)... Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine the pain lol.

Bottles - Well when you shatter a bottle on someone it can also knock him out quite well. The glass can harm him, the bottle itself, etc. Basically you don't just stand up after getting hit with a bottle hard enough to break the bottle is what I'm saying.

Knives - They pierce your body too. They basically do the same damage a bullet does. Maybe even great, since you know, the blade is a little larger, wider. They usually go into your torso area aswell so..

Bare Hand Hits
Lots of times people go just script fighting if you choose to brawl you know? But yeah, sometimes when it's a detailed roleplay, not some hood fight, rather a regulation or something, people tend to roleplay every hit. The thing people -don't- roleplay, is, are, the consequences of being hit.

Yeah sure, you get punched: /flip. But why just /flipping when you can roleplay accordingly? Here I'll explain about different parts of the body people usually target:

Getting hit in the solar plexus, stomach, or chest - Tell me the truth, have you never fell, or in any other way got hit in your stomach\chest? If you never have, you must not know how HARD it is to breath when you get hit there. I'm talking about, just about where the man's hand is in the next picture:
Well fuck this I don't know why - I decided to have a nap when we learned about this - all I know is when you get hit in that area, you start choking SO hard that you actually believe you're going to choke to death. It's enough to give a light jab (punch) to this area to make a person choke, imagine yourself if you'd get one with full force?
I know that personally when I get hit in that area I need to sit down, and I can't even talk because I'm out of air.

Getting hit in the crotch. Otherwise, your balls - COME on guys. I've seen SO MANY people just sliding by after they got kicked in the balls like it was some regular punch in the nose or something, lol PLEASE. If you don't know how it is, you must be a girl or something.
From personal experience, I've never been hit with full force in the balls and I don't want to even imagine how does it feels like, but I -have- been socked in the balls as a prank by a friend. Like, just slapped.....

....Lol I had to sit down, and I kept sitting silently for 10 minutes. And when I stood up and wanted to walk away I had to sit down again.

If someone hits you in the balls, you DROP.

Getting punched in your chin - If you want a good way to knock some bully off in real life, give him a straight hook to his chin, in a way that your punch basically goes up. Like this:
I don't know the whole biology shit about it, all I know is there is some important nerves connected to that area and when you smack someone in the chin from downside up, first of all he falls down, and loses it. You don't pass out but you basically get really blurry, dizzy, you're clueless of what's going on all of a sudden.

To sum this all up, you guys should now know how to physically react in moody situations. Remember, just like everyone always says you don't have to always win - you don't have to always lose either. Yes, it's annoying when you really want to kick some ass but the dude just does /me dodges/blocks it, but believe it or not: Humans Have Reflexes!
Ofc. if you've spend your whole life smoking drugs and drinking alcohol your reflexes (and boner ability) would worsen drastically, but you get my point. *Cough*

I might add more things if I'll get reminded of anything else, or if any of you fucks will do some more uniquely stupid shit when I'm trying to regualte you. king

Hope it was helpfull,
Dane Jibril

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